Kilcunda Cottage - General Information sheet

On Arrival
Check-in is from 4:30pm onwards. Please No Smoking inside cottage (use the front or rear decks)

Keys & Power. On arrival please locate the meter box on the western end of the building (Seaview Crescent side) Use the Code printed on your receipt to open the key-safe, please remember to push clear "C" on the front of the safe before pressing the code. If it is dark, a torch may be handy. There is a low voltage light inside the meter box to see what you are doing. Turn on the main power/light switch (is indicated with a Red label, please don't touch any other switches/circuit breakers) Please check that the fridge is turned on at the power point on the wall just behind it (upper right side).

Things to Bring (Necessary)
  • Sheets to fit Queen size bed(top & bottom)
  • Sheets to fit single size bed(top & bottom) x 3
  • Pillow cases
  • Towels
  • Food and Drink
  • If you are staying for longer periods: Washing powder
  • Other items of use
  • Warm clothes, can be windy doing the Bass Coast Walk
  • Beach Towels
  • Bikes, for the rail trail over the historic bridge
  • Fishing Rods, excellent rock and surf fishing available
  • Kids Toys. etc
  • Finding your way around the Kitchen. You will find ample crockery, cutlery, pots and pans within the kitchen cupboards. There is a microwave, microwave containers, an electric stove and cooktop with a griller, baking dishes for cooking roasts are with the pots and pans. Some basic items like glad wrap, aluminium foil, salt & pepper, sugar, tea, coffee and hot chocolate are provided in the kitchen for your use during your stay. A selection of cookery books and manuals for appliances is located in the overhead cupboard above the refrigerator, Keys to BBQ /Gas bottle and bikes is hanging on a hook on the right hand side. Broom/Vacuum cleaner/electric fan are in the 1st cupboard in the master bedroom.

    Heating - yes in winter it does get cold in Kilcunda. There are 2 large and 1 small oil filled columns heaters in the cottage. These draw a large electric current and will trigger the circuit breakers in the fuse box, if 2 are set on high on the same circuit, so please restrict the use to one at each end of the cottage. ie one in the lounge and the other in 2nd bedroom or 1 in the bathroom and the other in the main bedroom. We find the cottage warms to a cosy temperature quite quickly if all the drapes are closed with the bathroom door closed. The exhaust fan over the stove is wired to the kitchen light, so heat will be drawn into the roof cavity while you are working in the kitchen, we switch this light off after dinner to improve the heaters efficiency.

    Rubbish & Recycle Collection. Tuesdays (mid morning), Organic bin(green lid) weekly, Landfill(Red Lid) & recycle bin(yellow lid) every 2nd Tuesday, except Xmas holidays is weekly (see sheet on fridge for schedule)

    Please see separate instruction sheet for their use. Should be with the remotes. (There is a selection of DVD's in the bookshelf)

    Bicycle. Please feel free to use the bicycles in the back shed, there not flash racers, but it makes a morning ride on the rail trial possible and very enjoyable. Shed keys are on hook LH side of pantry, spare BBQ gas bottle is in shed as well.

    BBQ. There is a hooded BBQ under the back porch (please don't use it, if you don't wish to clean it). The gas bottle is located under the unit, turn the gas regulator on the bottle ON before trying to light burners. If you should run out of gas during your stay, there is a spare full bottle in the back shed with the bikes. - please let us know if you use this bottle as we need to arrange another refill for future guests. On departure please check that the gas regulator is OFF please clean BBQ plates and replace the vinyl cover.

    Dead-locked cupboard in kitchen and Master bedroom. These 2 cupboards are for the owner's food and linen, nothing of value in stored in these cupboards please don't force entry.

    On Departure

  • 4:00pm. is the official check-out time, please be cleaned up and out prior to this time.
  • Please clean floors, tables, bench tops and dishes and leave the cottage in a clean & tidy condition for the next guest.
  • Please turn off the fridge and leave both fridge doors open (we normally prop the main door open with the dish drainer) as mildew quickly forms in both the fridge and freezer compartments with the door closed once the power is turn off.
  • Please lock the front and back doors and re-install any window rods removed during stay.
  • Place the key back in the key-safe and turn OFF the 1 power switch in the meter box.(please don't touch any other switches/circuit breakers)
  • Please check you have turned the BBQ gas off @ the bottle & BBQ vinyl cover is replaced.
  • If the rubbish bins have anything in them, please position them at the roadside for collection on Tuesday.
  • Please remember to remove your linen from the beds.
  • If there was any breakage/damage or you ran out of anything during your stay please email a note to us with any feedback to or via our web page
  • We hope you enjoy your stay and wish you to return in the future, Melanie & Peter.
    Map.- 43 Gruber St, Kilcunda (Corner of Gruber St and Seaview Crescent)

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